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"Elegance & Sensuality"

We belive that all women are beautiful just the way they are, because the real beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. Our goal is to wear your beauty in the best way, designing for your the greatest clothes which will make you feel comfy yet so stylish, sophisticated yet so sexy.

Our collections are characterised by sinuous lines, vibrant colors, precious details and special finishing for enhancing your body silhouette, not for covering.

Be proud of your body because it is what makes you a woman, just a fabulous sexy one.

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What we Care About

We do care about all women and their needs, that's why we took the decision to launch a new fashion brand which focuses on the natural body shape of every woman. We want to give our strong contribution to spread out the message that curvy shapes are definitely feminine and we have to value them.

No need to hide the beauty of natural shapes. No need to feel uncomfortable anymore.

It's time to shine with all parts of our body, regardless of everyone or everything.

Shine out, loudly! That's it!

Studio di design di moda
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Not just another meaningless social tag, it means our whole philosophy.

We wish it to being shared by all women who think in the same way and are tired to consider themself as someone who must kept hidden in the corner, but want to spread out loudly who they are and where they are headed to, with their head held high and shaking proudly their sexy body on heels.

Join us in our trendy mission! Follow up and share your Maison Form'elle looks while shaking-shaking all day long!


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